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Effective by Design creates WordPress websites from the simplest one-page brochure-style sites to complex eCommerce megasites. Hundreds of design and development companies do the same thing. Well, not the same thing.

You see, it used to be that to develop a website you needed a large team of specialists: A project manager, SEO consultants, graphics artists, content developers, and front and back-end coders – and on and on…

You were told that there was this magical, highly structured development process that included steps like strategy, design, content development, mock-ups and layouts, theme development, and other concepts designed to only add to the overall cost. You were told that all of these specialists were necessary. No, they are not. No one works from scratch anymore. Design tools and WordPress themes are readily available.

You were told that coding takes a great amount of time and only the lastest coding tools and techniques can be used. No, that’s not true either. WordPress is open source, and while we occasionally customize the WordPress code, WordPress is already a robust, full-featured content management system. 28% of ALL websites – everywhere – use WordPress. No one is writing code for your website, not if they are using WordPress. Its already written.

What you need to have for us design, or redesign, your website are things you already know:

You need to:

  • understand your business goals so that you can accurately and thoroughly explain your business goals to us
  • be able to tell us why your current website no longer meets your business goals
  • be able to tell us about your marketing efforts to meet your business goals
  • have examples of websites that inspire you
  • have examples of websites that you like and that you think may work for your business

Our experience shows us that when you take the time to write what you know about your business and your goals you will then have a clear understanding of what you need.

We will then have an in-depth understanding of your business goals and marketing objectives, know the services and/or products you offer, and have a general idea of your visual requirements and expectations. We may need some additional information. (We probably will!)

You’ll receive our redesign proposal within 72 hours. You’ll see how 20 years of development experience creates a plan to bring your website to life. Each of your business goals will be addressed and a website that meets your business goals can quickly be online.

If your website is Business to Business you’ll quickly understand that Lead Generation is expertly supported with advanced forms on landing pages, and your website will easily integrate with third-party sales support solutions like Infusionsoft, MailChimp, aWeber, Constant Contact and many others.

For a Business to Consumer website, that connects directly to end-users of your products or services, you’ll be assured your website effortlessly connects you with you social media making it easy to automatically post content and keep in connected to your target market.

Whether you have a blog, small or large business website we will work together to make it happen.

Developing a quality website can be a big investment for small businesses. Unlike other software platforms that charge large monthly fees, WordPress is extremely low cost to maintain and it creates a low total cost of ownership for business owners. WordPress provides a feature rich web presence without the need for utilizing in-house technical resources. It also frees small businesses from being reliant on expensive website design firms and being forced to pay for large monthly retainers.

You decide how much or how little support you want.

New Website Design

Price begins at $2500.

Website Redesign

Price is generally from $2000 – $7500.