(Short Version)

Here’s the story:


My name is Paul Roger and, countless times, I have gotten myself into trouble with my customers because from my very first day in business I promised myself I would tell them what they needed to hear – not necessarily what they wanted to hear. Yes, I understand that people are mainly motivated by what they want. But people can’t get what they want unless they do what is needed. In the beginning. I found myself frequently answering questions with, “That can’t be done — yet. When it can be done we’ll add it to your website.” Today, with WordPress, you can pretty much do anything you can think of. I still tell my clients what they need to hear, but that is mostly about security. More about that coming up.

I’ve been creating websites and doing related site development since late 1997. My first paying client was in the spring of 1998. After completing their website they had me do a second site for a store they were starting. This was in HTML. Agonizingly slow but at that time HTML webdesign forced you to really become an HTML expert. Every 18 months, or so, they have had a new design. Both will have another new design within a few months.

I’ve worked with some very creative businesses, social service agencies and other non-profits, entrepreneurs and consultants of all sorts, cannabis dispensaries, medical and pharmaceutical companies, and I’ve created stores of all kinds.

In 2000, I had a client that sold orchids in San Diego. She wanted to do something that I had not seen on any website – her entire site literally redesigned every day. She had hundreds of spectacular photos of dozens of orchids that we both urgently wanted to put on display. Using Perl, I created what years later would be called a Content Management System, or CMS. Every morning at 1 AM, the entire website was reconfigured with new photos and text. Every page was different than yesterday but the site still had the same “look.” I eventually got to 15 different iterations that rotated. Her business was very successful and she sold it a year later.

WordPress came along in 2003. I did not jump on it until it had greater functionality in 2006 because my own CMS could do far more during those 3 years. I tried Joomla when that began to become popular but poor Joomla is slowly fading away as it is far less secure than WordPress. It now has only 3% of all websites and each month that number is decreasing. My current Joomla experience now is only to convert Joomla sites to WordPress. Converting old HTML sites to WordPress, Joomla sites to WordPress, and converting any of the 40+ other CMS versions to WordPress may now seem to be old hat but each one is an exciting new project for me.

About 30,000 WordPress websites get hacked every day. I can tell you everything you need and want to know about how not to get hacked. And I provide a range of WordPress security services to stay ahead of the hackers. But still, people will get hacked for simple reasons: they do not keep WordPress, their plugins, and their theme up-to-date and they still use non-secure passwords.

Not long ago a client using the name of her daughter and birth date as her password – like “suzanne0824” – was hacked. Her host shut her down. She was out of business. I cleaned and restored her site within a day but her host took 2 more days to verify. If you get hacked, I can help. Better to let me protect you than to be out of business even for 1 day.

Design, redesign, site care and security services are what you find at Effective by Design. (Please let’s not call it “maintenance.” You maintain your car. You care for and improve your website. That’s why is should called, “Site Care.”)

I have worked with booksellers and trans-gender specialists in England, rooftop tower consultants and fitness clubs in Boston, restaurants and personal-life coaches in Florida, social service agencies and a variety of consultants in San Diego, senior services agencies and cannabis dispensaries in Oregon, and probably performed some service in every other state. I have worked with website owners in Hong Kong, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Scotland, and the Canary Islands. I’m sorry but I’ve learned to concentrate on English speaking websites only. If you need a redesign and your website speaks Portuguese — I am very sorry but I must decline.

What is next for WordPress?

Every minor WordPress update focuses on making it more secure. WordPress accounts for 28% of ALL websites, world-wide. Each month that number increases. Major updates add new and exciting features and functionality to WordPress.

I don’t take on projects where I am not positive there is a guaranteed return on your investment.

Recently, I told a potential customer that the WordPress theme they had just spent $50 on would not be able to do what they wanted to do in their design specs. It was an older theme and it just did not have a particular functionality, nor was it responsive–an absolute necessity. They bought the theme because the demo content had a look they liked. I did not get the redesign project even though I told them I can create any “look” they wanted. Knowing a customer would not be happy with the resulting website was a hard lesson years ago. But I have had the same customers for 18, 19, and almost 20 years because I have told them what they needed to know… to get what they wanted.

(Short Version)

  • In your mind you may have a great idea for your website. I can create anything you can envision.
  • It’s now time for a redesign. I can do that.
  • You need help with on-going site care. I can do that.
  • You want your WordPress website to be as secure as possible. I can handle that for you.
  • You’ve been hacked! (Sorry to hear that.) I can get you back online quickly.

Thanks for taking your time to visit Effective by Design. Your time is valuable and I respect that.