Why Choose Effective By Design?

Working with WordPress has never been easier...

I work with WordPress website owners all around the world. From Central Oregon, I provide WordPress services to to website owners from Oregon to California to Connecticut, as well as the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. I can work with you to make your site effective, profitable, and your best business asset!



Essential WordPress Services


Looking for a WordPress specialist? Need help installing, updating, fixing, or supporting your current WordPress installation? Want to move your entire WordPress installation to a new host?

My WordPress Services include everything you need: migrations, conversions from HTML, complete websites, emergency fixes, and monthly maintenance solutions.


“Design” covers a lot of ground. Simple design? Complex design? We have created simple sites in a few days and complex sites, with hundreds of pages, in a few months.

Have some special content requirements? We can find a plugin to handle just about anything you need from custom php to dynamic database content. Just ask.


Can’t quite complete your new WordPress site? We are often contacted to “just clean-up my site.”

If you are are in the final stages of your WordPress site design and can’t quite figure out how to complete it, let us know how we can help you. Tell us the problem and we’ll tell you what we can do.

Security Solutions

Effective by Design has security solutions to protect your website.

  • Crash or Hack Recovery
  • Steel-Lock-Tight Security
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Monthly Maintenance

Don’t wait until you’ve been hacked.


“Paul quickly provided me with an excellent analysis of my website issues, including security issues I was not aware of. He provided multiple options for dealing with the issues, and went above and beyond in providing me with tools and information to use going forward. He clearly knows his stuff and it’s a relief he uses his powers for good instead of evil.”

Bristol K - OregonBeerEvents.com

“Effective by Design converted my 120+ page software site’s HTML pages to a WordPress database and installed it into a fresh WP installation. I am still working on customizing the theme but probably saved several months of tedious work.”

John G - Software Store, England

“Paul Roger is an extraordinary web developer and designer. I have worked with him on many website projects and he is easy to work with, intelligent, anticipates your needs, and works out an excellent payment arrangement. If you want your website designed from bottom up, he’s your man. If you want to rework your website, he’s your man. Contact him today for a quote and I guarantee you that you will find no one better to assist you with your current needs.”

Michele F - Editor, Chicago & Lake Tahoe

“I needed a client HTML site converted but was crunched for time. Effective by Design Converted the 64 HTML pages into a WordPress database in a few days while I was able to complete the theme customizations. Saved me a lot of time.”

Anna C - Web Designer, Canada

“Our store was getting too cumbersome to update in it’s HTML design. Effective by Design not only converted everything to an almost identical WordPress design but did custom PHP programming to streamline the site’s features and functions.”

Leena D - Shirt Store, California

“We had a string of web developers that gave up on us and Effective by Design quickly completed the “clean-up” and revisions we needed for two websites and helped us work through WordPress issues on several other sites.”

Barry B - Book Seller, England

“Thanks to Paul Roger, of Effective By Design, who believed in my writing before he met me. He said I’d become an expert in my field and helped me understand more about blogging than anyone before or since.

Lisa G - Writer & Blogger, Los Angeles

“As a contractor I knew next to nothing about websites and how my business could profit. Effective by Design not only created a beautiful website for our business but provided seemingly endless ideas on how we could promote our services in the community.”

SB - Contractor, Oregon
still not convinced?

Tell us what you need.

Chances are very good I can help you with your WordPress questions and problems. (If not, I probably know someone who can!)