Site Care

WordPress Website Care


Maintaining and improving websites is time-consuming and often technical—so let Effective by Design do it for you.

You are on this page because you are looking for WordPress maintenance. There are hundreds of companies that will help you “maintain” your website but you don’t want to do that. You maintain your car, your dishwasher, and other appliances but you don’t want to “maintain” your business website.

You want to continuously improve and protect your website because your website is your business.

We have a plan that goes well beyond mere maintenance and is properly called “Site Care.”

With the Effective by Design Site Care Plan you will have:

  • All site updates, revisions, rewrites, blog posts—any content updates on your site
  • Secure daily incremental backups of your website and database files and storage on our secure offsite servers
  • Assistance with managing the content on your site
  • Plugin investigation and recommendations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Continual improvement of search engine visibility and results
  • Link monitoring to make sure no broken links exist on the site

How we do it:

  • Our WordPress Site Care contracts are available in pre-paid blocks of hours.
  • Site Care and Security Plans may be combined for significant savings.




  • We send 300 Tweets/day for our customers. Can we save you time?
  • We can also post to Facebook for you.
  • Ask about our blog rewriting and posting services.
  • Need a plugin to do something unusual? We can find it for you.
  • In other words, we can save you time which you can invest in your business.

Get in touch. We can help!

How many Hours Should I Buy?

Talk with us about hour many hours of content updates you are now using each month. We have clients that use four hours per month and buy 50 hours for the entire year. We have clients that use 25 hours per month and buy 100 hour blocks to carry them four months or more. The more hours you buy, the more money you save. This greatly helps you with budgeting as you know how much you are going to spend throughout the year.

Incremental Back-Ups?

While most people will do back-ups weekly, we back-up your site incrementally, as needed. Did you just post a blog? A quick back-up is done that includes that blog post. Change a graphic? We have it backed-up. You have every change made for the past 30 days. Incremental back-ups are done quickly, save server time, save storage, and result in lightening fast site restoration, if ever needed. Incremental back-ups are part of the Security Plan and the Site Care Plan.