You may have read about recent attacks on WordPress sites. You may already know that your WordPress site is most likely under attack dozens of times every day. You may have a friend that has just suffered a malicious hack. Or, you’ve been hacked. Don’t wait until your site gets hacked. Let us remove the vulnerabilities and secure your site!

Our WordPress Steel-Lock-Tight Security Service lets you rest easy knowing your website is fully able to fend off any attack and prevent intrusion through vulnerable plugins or your theme.

You’ve read about securing your WordPress site but just haven’t had the time and so far nothing bad has happened. The majority of WordPress attackers look for the easy targets and usually move on when thwarted. But, more often than not, a hacker sees your site as a challenge and won’t stop until they find a way in. We seal-up these vulnerabilities.

We will:

  • Install and perfectly configure the best WordPress security plugins
  • Protect your WordPress database from vulnerabilities
  • Run several automated and manual tests to measure security
  • Insure that all WordPress users use strong passwords and have only the privileges they need


What could happen if your WordPress site is not secure?

  • You lose your site, and the time and money you have invested into building and promoting it.
  • Your search engine rankings disappear.
  • You may get blacklisted as an unsafe site.
  • Your site displays ads for porn, gambling, or other content that gets you kicked off your host.
  • Customer data is put at risk opening you up to legal action.