With enough time and effort you can do this yourself. But, with any kind of maintenance—yourself, your car, your home—putting off making things right or up-to-date can cause serious problems. With a blog, you are going to want and need to focus your time on writing and marketing, and the updating of WordPress and plugins is usually left for another day. Maintenance is time-consuming and if you have multiple sites, the time required for the updating chore can just pile-up.

Here is what you receive for $49/month:

  • WordPress Upgrades — Each time WordPress is upgraded, which could be a few times each month, your version will be brought up-to-date. Upgrades fix security problems, increase efficiency, and add new and improved features to WordPress. Minor updates are usually performed with 48 hours. Major upgrades will be done after 2-3 days to allow for proper time to evaluate the impact of the major upgrade on your theme and plugins.
  • Plugin Upgrades — A plugin may be updated by it’s developer to add functionality, and to insure compatibility with upgraded WordPress versions. We check for plugin upgrades every week.
  • Sitemap Updates — We will make sure your Google XML and WordPress sitemaps are up to date to include your new content every month.
  • Complete Site Restoration — More than just the usual database back-up this additional service is the best insurance against hackers, accidental deletions, or anything that can compromise your WordPress website. Our special software insures your entire WordPress installation is always safe!

Complete Site Restoration includes:

  • WordPress Database
  • Plugins
  • Comments
  • Pages and Posts
  • Tags and Categories
  • Permalink structures and privacy settings
  • Themes
  • Affiliate links and links of any kind
  • Footer and header information
  • Graphics

You can cancel the Monthly Secure Service Plan at any time by logging into your PayPal account and canceling the subscription or by emailing us. This service will then be canceled at the end of the current monthly billing cycle.

What we’ll need to know:
  • Web Site URL
  • Your WordPress Login Name
  • Your WordPress Login Password
  • Hosting Company URL
  • Control Panel URL
  • Control Panel User Name
  • Control Panel Password
  • FTP User Name
  • FTP Password

Try the Monthly Secure Service Plan now! Click the Subscribe button on the right and we’ll get started by logging-in to your blog and performing any necessary updates and upgrades.

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