Your heart rate goes way up. Your breathing becomes rapid. You then begin to think that your site is lost. It is an awful feeling but in nearly all cases we can recover your WordPress site without any problems.

It may be that you’ve been hacked. It may be a conflict has occurred with a new plugin. Your site may be infected with malware.

We will fix it for you.

When you order our WordPress Crash and Hack Recovery Service Effective by Design will:

  • Clean and completely remove any infection from your website
  • Identify how the hacker was able to intrude your WordPress installation, and/or
  • Identify the plugin or theme causing the crash
  • Insure that each plugin and your theme is safe and protected and is the latest and most secure version
  • Insure that your WordPress files do not provide data which could be used by hackers


We know what we are doing. We do this just about every week. We remove the malware, of course, and then remove the security holes.

We also offer a complete WordPress Security Steel-Lock-Tight Service where we make sure your site has every possible security fence, trap, and lock in place against any security threats.

Fill in the form and we’ll be working with you soon to recover your WordPress site.