Choosing a Domain Name


On average, about 150,000 domains are registered every day. An equal number expire or are transferred every day. There are around 120 million active domains and nearly 400 million domains have been deleted in the history of the Internet.

So, how do you choose the right domain name for your website? The best one for you has not been taken. Here are some helpful tips to choose wisely:

  • Choose a domain name with the “.com” TLD (top-level domain). It is the most widely accepted, most credible extension for a domain name, the one people automatically type in when looking for a website. Now, if you are in another country you may want or need to use one with that country’s country code like “uk” for the United Kingdom, “au” for Australia, “ca” for Canada, etc. But worldwide, “com” is always the best choice. Consider all the various extensions and misspellings of that name and register those, too, if you can. You may feel that “org” is best for your organization but, if available register “com,” “net,” “us,” “info,” “biz,” “mobi,” “tv,” etc. It is far easier to secure a domain name along with the most used extensions and redirect the additional extensions than to try and secure the same domain name with a different extension when it belongs to an embarrassing website or a competitor and potentially stealing traffic away from your website.
  • Use keywords to start your search by thinking of an ideal domain name using a combination of words related to that domain name. A good strategy can be to use jargon specific to your industry. Try not to choose a domain that is simply the plural, hyphenated, or misspelled version of an already established domain. Think of how the domain name would look in advertising. What would someone just type-in to the URL bar in their browser to find your website? Is the name brandable? A brandable domain name can go a long way in making your site successful. When reading or hearing the domain name for the first time would most people easily understand what the website is all about?
  • Domain name length is always a consideration. There is a trade-off in keeping the name as short as possible making it easy to type and remember and with longer keyword-rich names. Shorter names fit better in search engine results pages (SERPs), online ads, as well as on business cards, and other offline media. Names with one or more keywords may better suit your needs so don’t limit the domain to a shorter one when a longer one is more appropriate.
  • The best name for a blog may be your own! Blogs and businesses have different goals. Strongly consider your own name for your blog. You can always get other domain names that are topic related and redirect them to your website.