Anti-Spam Policy


Effective by Design has a no tolerance spam policy.

Effective by Design’s website customer support actively monitors lists and emails going to a large number of contacts. Any customer found to be using Effective by Design for spam will be immediately cut-off from using email and their webhosting account may be terminated without refund. If you know of or suspect any violators, please notify us immediately at

What is Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). By sending email to only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.

What constitutes a Preexisting business relationship?

The recipient of your email has made a purchase, requested information, responded to a questionnaire, or a survey, or had offline contact with you.

What constitutes consent?

The recipient of your email has been clearly and fully notified of the collection and use of his email address and has consented prior to such collection and use. This is often called informed consent.

Compliance Rules for Sending Email

All Effective by Design customers must follow the rules of the federal CAN-SPAM act when sending email through our email service.

To help insure Effective by Design maintains its reputation and white-listing status with a number of major ISPs and white-listing programs, if at any time your campaign is flagged as SPAM, Effective by Design reserves the right to cancel your account without notice and without refund.

Email and Permission Practices

  • You cannot mail to distribution lists, newsgroups, or spam email addresses.
  • You are responsible for monitoring, correcting, processing unsubscribe requests and updating the email addresses to which messages are sent through your Effective by Design hosting account.
  • Emails that you send through Effective by Design may generate abuse complaints from recipients. You are responsible for ensuring that your email does not generate abuse complaints. Effective by Design, at its sole discretion, will determine whether your level of abuse complaints is within industry norms, and its determination shall be final, binding and conclusive for all purposes under this agreement.
  • Effective by Design, at its own discretion, may immediately disable your access without refund to email if Effective by Design believes you have violated any of the email and permission practices listed above, or the Effective by Design Anti-Spam Policy.

Questions about the Anti-Spam Policy should be sent to